Welcome to the 2019 Collaboration Fest Beer Project Application! We are incredibly excited to get started with Collaboration Fest, and hope you are too.

More information and Sign Up Form below! 


2019 Details

To ensure as many breweries as possible can get involved with the limited space available, we're limiting the number of projects any one brewery can be a part of. Each brewery can participate in two projects, one with just in-state breweries, and one with out-of-state breweries.

Please take your time in considering your collaborations, and let's make this year even better than last!

As the details are finalized, we'll have more information on how much beer the event needs to be successful, but assume about two half barrels or equivalent.

Each brewery will get three passes to the event. Depending on space, we will try to release more, and give some to give away to fans. For now, however, count on at least three passes. We will also provide lunch, some additional activities, and a really, really fun festival.

We're working with partners to get deals on travel for out-of-town and out-of-state breweries, including hotels and flights. We'll keep you posted on possibilities over the next few months. Please reach out with any questions before you book your trip!

2019 Rules

All brewery participants in Collaboration Fest 2019 must meet the Brewers Association definition of a craft brewery. Failure to meet this definition is grounds for immediate disqualification from participation in Collaboration Fest 2019.

All participating Colorado breweries must be current dues paying members of the Colorado Brewers Guild. 

If collaborating with an out of state brewery, at least one participating brewery registrant must be a Colorado licensed manufacturer or brew pub.

Each Colorado Brewers Guild member is eligible for two collaborations, one in state and one out of state. 

We will be accepting neighborhood collaborations again. Breweries can participate in these and it does not count towards your two collaborations. We will review these entries and let you know if it is approved and the number of tickets that will be allotted for these unique collaborations.

Each collaboration can bring as many variations as there are participating breweries. For example, if two breweries are collaborating and they both brewed a version of the beer, then both beers can be served at Collaboration Fest (but you cannot bring four variations with only two collaborating breweries). This information MUST be included in the core details form otherwise we cannot guarantee there will be enough space. 

Placeholders or TBDs in place of breweries are not allowed this year. Please make sure you know with whom you are collaborating before filling out the application.

Registration for Collaboration Fest 2019 does not guarantee entry or participation in Collaboration Fest 2018, and must first be approved by the Colorado Brewers Guild.

Neither the Colorado Brewers Guild nor Two Parts are responsible for any damages resulting from disqualification or finding any applicant ineligible to participate in Collaboration Fest 2019.

The Colorado Brewers Guild, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any applicant for entry into Collaboration Fest 2019 for any reason not stated above.


The form below asks for a lot of information. Please take your time and fill it out as fully as possible. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to say hi, please reach out to Steve Kurowski with the Colorado Brewers Guild at steve@coloradobeer.org // (303) 901-4701 or Tobias Krause with Two Parts at tobias@twoparts.com // (303) 548-6524.

Thanks for supporting Colorado Beer! We can't wait to try your 2019 Collaboration Fest projects.