Friendships That Lead To Fermentation

According to the two women behind coordinating the Fort Collins Brewery and Renegade Brewing collaboration beer, it all started with friendship at an event back in 2014. After meeting at Renegade's inaugural “Offensively Delicious” craft beer comedy show, Laura Decker, VP of Operations at Renegade Brewing and Katie Nierling, National Sales Manager at FCB hit it off due to similar backgrounds and brewing beliefs. "Friendship, camaraderie, community are three ideals that both breweries strive for," mentioned the pair. Thus they decided to get each of their breweries together for a brainstorm on what to brew for Collaboration Fest.

What did they brew? A Wheat Lager with a yeast twist. From FCB Brewer, Shaun Salyards: "The Wheat lager is brewed with 5 different varieties of wheat malt and hopped with mostly cascade hops. The recipe sort of resembles a miniature wheat wine since the beer is targeted to be 6% ABV. The unique part will be the fermentation side of things, where we will start fermentation with a hefeweizen yeast then very shortly after, lower the beer into lager yeast ranges instead,  and then pitch lager yeast to complete the fermentation. This should result in a few familiar hefe esters alongside a smooth, malty character."

FCB's team continued, "Any time you get a mix of brewers in a room, wish lists and intriguing recipes start to form. The result is always unique and reinforces that collaborative spirit that is craft beer." 

Keep an eye out for this one at the fest!

Casey BerryComment