A Belgian Single With A Triple Hop Split

CO-BREW, a brewery/rental brew space for aspiring brewers, recently brewed with Grandma's House on their compact system that allowed for three versions of a very similar beer. Jamie gave us a quick sneak peak into the brew day via a Q&A below!

What inspired you to brew this beer? Both of our loves of  Belgian style beers. We thought it would be fun to split it 3 ways with 3 different hops (Hallertau Blanc, Huell Melon, Mandarina Bavaria) single hopped in a Belgain Single base beer. The hopping schedule was determined during the brew day with all involved.

Can you explain what you’re hoping the beer will taste like? We hope it will taste like 3 different beers, even though it is the same beer. 

How did you choose who to brew with? Just paired up with a fellow Broadway brewery that has the same taste in beer.

What do you like most about collaboration beers? Learning from other brewers, and hanging out planning the brew day.

What is the name of your collaboration beer? TBD We want to taste the final product before naming.

Keanan StonerComment