Yep, barrels are in play too

This one's got a lot of delicious things going on - red wine barrels,  a bit of brett, old english inspiration. We can't wait to taste what Ursula and Fiction are aging.

What inspired you to brew this beer?
Jameson and I often talked English beer while working together at Ursula. Jameson has a passion for making English style beers, as do I. We would also often talk about historic beers and the role of Brettanomyces yeast in those beers. I personally love beers that involve oak in the brewing process and have been eager to explore barrel fermenting for a long time now. Ursula finally got a lead on some affordable 300 litre red-wine barrels from a local Colorado winery and I asked Jameson if he was interested…  This beer is just the culmination of these conversations in liquid form. 

Can you explain what you’re hoping the beer will taste like?
With this beer we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to make a true “olde stock ale” so we had to do some interesting things to speed our timeline. We did no skimping with the ingredients, we used beautiful English malts and hops imported from Great Britain all of which will add a very malty “English” character.  The fermentation profile is where we veered from a traditional English profile and perhaps modernized it… We decided to do our primary fermentation with a blend of White Lab's Bruxellensis-like Trios, which is actually a Saccharomyces yeast that behaves a little like Brettanomyces yeast, and a little like Saccharomyces yeast (brewers yeast). Most importantly it does a great job of primary fermenting quickly. That plus the large doses of Brettanomyces Claussenii and a “true” Brettanomyces Bruxellensis in the primary fermentation should create some interesting fruit and funk notes.


How did you choose who to brew with?

Fiction has been friends with the folks at Ursula from the beginning, we both opened around the same time.  The current brewer at Fiction was the assistant brewer at Ursula and that has only made our ties stronger.  So it seemed obvious that we team together to create something great for Collaboration Fest.


What do you like most about collaboration beers?

The chance to brew with someone else, share ideas, learn different ways of doing things and use each other’s knowledge to create something that is a part of both breweries.

What is the name of your collaboration beer?

Paperback Writer

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