Space Goose might just be your next favorite beer

Station 26 recently picked up the phone and called long time friends Exile Brewing out of Des Moines to see if they'd be interested in brewing with them here in Denver. Needless to say, airfare was purchased, and good times were had.

What inspired you to brew this beer?
We brewed a Gooseberry Saison that we will dry-hop will Galaxy hops. We both wanted a style that we don't get to brew regularly. We were looking for ways to add some complexity to the beer and somehow stumbled across Gooseberries, which are a really fun, tart and sweet fruit that you don't see in beer often. We weren't actually sure we'd be able to even find Gooseberries, but at the last minute tracked down a source for them! They should pair nicely with the dry, spicy Saison yeast. The dry-hop portion came spontaneously during the end of the brew day. It just seemed like the right thing to do. Exile was really excited once they started checking out what hops Station 26 had on-hand.  

Can you explain what you’re hoping the beer will taste like?
Imagine a goose, floating through space in an astronaut helmet.  It will taste a little like that.

How did you choose who to brew with?
Allen, the assistant brewer at Station 26, reached out to Exile Brewing Co, based in Des Moines, IA. Allen and guys from Exile have been friends for years, some since grade school. They have enjoyed a lot of beer together and it seemed appropriate that we finally make a beer together. The crew from Exile had an awesome time in Denver during the brew day and are looking forward to being back for Collab Fest in March!

What do you like most about collaboration beers?
Collaborations are full of camaraderie and having more minds throughout the process allows for great experimentation.

What is the name of your collaboration beer?
Space Goose

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