Two Breweries With A Common Weiss

Upslope and Resolute got together to learn a bit about each other's process, push each other to try something new, and make two tasty beers for the fest. See how each brewer describes the process below!

What inspired you to brew this beer? 

Zac from Resolute Brewing: We both wanted to do something great but we couldn't decide on a single style so we decided to go with common ingredients. Wood and hefeweizen yeast. I went with a Weissenbock, Sam went with a Rye Dunkle Weisse.

Sam from Upslope Brewing: We really like the Resolute Hefeweizen. If Grayson or Zac are coming up our way, you can be sure I am harassing them to bring me a crowler of it. Zac has definitely honed in his skills using his hefeweizen yeast, and we thought it would be fun to play off that experience and the success we have had brewing our Upslope taproom favorite dunkelweizen. 

Can you explain what you’re hoping the beer will taste like? 

Zac: For my side of things I'm hoping for caramelized Banana's with a bit of oak flavor as well. 

Sam: We definitely have different strategies for each beer. The Upslope-brewed collab beer starts with a slightly pared down version of our dunkelweizen, but we decided to include Colorado grown rye malt, which is high in ferulic acid. We are really hoping we can amp up the clove notes produced from the yeast, hopefully getting a cool spiced banana bread like flavor. We are also including medium toast french oak cubes to give extra depth and create a fun "collaboration fest spin" on the beer. 

How did you choose who to brew with?

Zac: I met Sam a very short time ago. But he's been friends with one of my partners for a year(s?). We've wanted to do something with upslope from the beginning. Collaboration Fest, was an awesome opportunity! 

Sam: I was first introduced to Resolute Brewing while Grayson Heller was working on opening Resolute Brewing last year. He would stop by Upslope for a beer, and we also found out that Grayson knows a lot about machines and boilers. He gave us a hand with some boiler troubleshooting and we helped him with brewery related questions. Through Grayson, I met Zac and thought it would be fun to collaborate on a more traditional German beer style with a twist. 

What do you like most about collaboration beers?

Zac: As a brewer, no matter how long you may have done it for, you will never know everything. Collab's are a great way to find a new technique, or new style, or just plain different ways of doing something. Everything changes in a collab, from the way you develop recipes, what happens on the actual brew day. Nothing is the way you usually do things. I think that's great! gets me out of my comfort zone and forces me to do my process a different way. All of this while I get to hang out with friends!

Sam: I think that collaborations are a great learning experience for each brewery. Every time you  collaborate with a different brewery, you will learn something new about how you can improve your process or make life slightly easier as a brewer. I also think breweries challenge each other, and take on ambitious projects that they might not attempt on their own. It's a good opportunity to get outside your comfort zone as a brewer. 

What is the name of your collaboration beer? 

Zac: We're still working on a name. Both of our breweries don't name beers. So we're trying to come up with something fun for our Collab. 

Sam: We found another brewery that doesn't name their beers. RyeDunkulous? I'm pretty bad at naming beers...  

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