The Guilds Get Involved

Collaboration Beer Fest takes pride in the fact that it’s all about beer collaborations near and far, but what makes this event so very ‘Colorado’ is that at least one brewery involved in the brew has to be a member of the Colorado Brewers Guild. These guilds exist all over the county, and they’re great organizations that maintain a sense of camaraderie among breweries in their respective states. Well, it’s no surprise that the leaders of these guilds love cracking a cold one with the fellow guildsmen and women. Also to no surprise… they love MAKING cold ones with the whole gang, too.

We got to hear from Steve Kurowski from the Colorado Brewers Guild on the blend of all blends… featuring help from leaders of brewers guilds all across the country! 


Who came out to brew?

Colorado Brewers Guild • Brewers Association • North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild • Ohio Craft Beer • New York State Brewers Association • Iowa Brewers Guild • Brewers of Indiana Guild • Florida Brewers Guild • Illinois Craft Brewers Guild • District of Columbia Brewers' Guild • Arizona Craft Brewers Guild • Texas Craft Brewers Guild • Washington Brewers Guild • Kentucky Guild of Brewers • Indiana Brewers Guild

and of course... Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project! 


Why did all the Guilds decide to work together?

"Over the last few years, all the state guilds are invited to an annual meeting or summit to discuss the industry and the issues guilds face around the country.  These gatherings have fostered a unique bond between guild leaders and we wanted to take this opportunity to work together on this project."


How did you decide on what to blend?

"We wanted to give a little nod to Acacia Coast. She works with the Brewers Association as the State Guild Manager.  So, basically, she works with every brewers guild in the country.  Acacia has a thing for cherry pies, so we thought some sort of barrel aged beer with cherries could create some “cherry pie” like flavors.  We brought the idea to Crooked Stave and made a plan.  We asked our friends at the Kentucky Guild of Brewers to help source a special barrel from their home state to age the beer, soon after that, a 4 Roses Barrel showed up.  So, we filled it with Crooked Stave’s Sour Dark Cherry Ale and will let it sit until Collab."

What’s your favorite thing about this collaboration? 

"Working with our peers in a new way.  It’s very exciting to show our colleagues what we are doing in Colorado."


What do you plan to name this beer?

"Cherry Coast to Coast"

Can you describe the flavor you strive to achieve with this beer?

"We want this to taste like a cherry pie with fresh cherries and hints of almond, vanilla and cinnamon."  

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