High Fives, Great Divide & 4 Noses

The best part of Collaboration Fest is the camaraderie around the craft beer scene. That, and bringing brewers together to make something fun and different from their regular brews. Great Divide Brewing Company and 4 Noses Brewing Company chose to work together because, not only do they respect each other's beer, but they also just enjoy drinking a beer together! High fives were a'plenty with this bunch!

No name yet for this hoppy saison, but if Brandon Jacobs from Great Divide has his lucky tank top, it ought to be delicious! What on earth are we talking about? We got a little personal in an exclusive Q-and-A with the man himself.


(Video from the brew day coming soon!)

How did you decide on this style of beer?

Alex [from 4 Noses] and I spoke about how we both have an affinity for hoppy saisons, so that was an easy choice for us to make.


What’s your favorite thing about this collaboration?

My favorite part is the collaborating itself; being able to bounce ideas off of other people that share your passions. I am excited about the yeast blend that we decided on as well, but we will see how it turns out!


Can you describe the flavor you strive to achieve with this beer?

We are looking for an earthy and slightly funky saison with some spicy, malty notes and a huge hop aroma and flavor, tending towards tropical notes.

What kind of music, if any, did you listen to while brewing this beer?

Knowing me, I will put on some post-rock like Do Make Say Think, This Will Destroy You, or The Mercury Program.


Do you have any special totems or piece of clothing you have to have in order to make the perfect brew?

While I love hockey traditions including superstitions, I believe the real test of a brewer is to be able to still perform well even when everything is falling apart around you. That mentality requires a lot of adaptability and does not lend itself to superstition. That being said, I do have a mesh tanktop I often wear while brewing. It solicits a lot of wisecracks but is highly breathable, offers a great range of motion... and looks quite fetch.


If you could drink one beer for the rest of your life (can include something of your own craft), what would it be?

Trumer Pils.


Do you name your brewing equipment?

I have a tendency to give problematic equipment nicknames, but nothing that is suitable to print.


What’s your favorite beer drinking past time?

My preference would be [to drink beer] on a sunny patio with a group of friends, sharing a laugh.


When did you have your first beer? What did you think of it?

The first beer I remember having was a Henry Weinhard’s Private Reserve I stole from a case my dad had bought. I stashed it in the crawl space above my room during the summer and it got really hot up there. I don’t remember liking the beer particularly much, but it clearly didn’t dissuade me from trying another one.

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