If A Tree Falls In The Forest...


… does it make a good beer?

Woods Boss Brewing has teamed up with Jagged Mountain Brewery and Hidden Mother Brewery to do something a little different this year. One chilly winter day, these three breweries headed to the woods to find the perfect ponderosa pine. After a brief chain-saw session on California Street, this once-mighty log became the center-piece to a collaborative brew day. The end result? “There's a Splinter in My Long Johns”, a Kviek beer brewed with Ponderosa Pine Trees.

When asked what made them think of this for Collaboration Fest 2019? Jordan Fink of Woods Boss Brewery had this to say…

“We love the mountains and we love the woods, so we figured we'd brew a beer inspired by both. Hidden Mother has brewed a number of beers using fresh cut trees as a hot wort luge and it sounded like fun!”


Photography courtesy of Woods Boss Brewing and The Brewtography Project.

Grace GabreeComment