Brewers and brainpower from all over the States. 


participating breweries

The 2018 Lineup


105 West Brewing Company
38th State Brewing Company
4 Noses Brewing
August Schell Brewing Company
Austin Beerworks
Banded Oak Brewing Company
Baere Brewing
Beachwood BBQ
Black Bottle Brewery
Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
Black Shirt Brewing Co
Blackberry Farm Brewery
Bonfire Brewing
Boulder Beer Company
Brasserie du Baril
Breakside Brewery
Briar Common Brewery + Eatery
Bristol Brewing Company
Broken Compass
Bruz Beers
Call to Arms Brewing Co.
Cannonball Creek Brewing Company
Chain Reaction
Comrade Brewing Co.
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project
Crystal Springs Brewing Company
Declaration Brewing Company
Dry Dock Brewing Co
Eddyline Brewery
Elevation Beer Company
Epic Brewing Company
FATE Brewery Company
Fiction Beer Company
Fort George Brewery
Freetail Brewing Company
Golden City Brewery

Goldspot Brewing Company
Gordon Biersch
Great Divide Brewing Company
Grist Brewing Company
Grossen Bart Brewery
Hideaway Park Brewery
High Alpine Brewing Company
Horse & Dragon Brewing Company
Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project
Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery
Jing-A Brewing Company
Joyride Brewing Company
Koala San Brew
La Brasseie du Baril
Lariat Lodge
Launch Pad Brewery
Lefthand Brewing Company
Liquid Mechanics
Little Machine Beer
Living the Dream Brewing Company
Locavore Beer Works
Lone Pine Brewing Company
Lone Tree Brewing Company
Lost Highway Brewing
Marble Brewing
Maui Brewing Company
Mockery Brewing
New Belgium Brewing
New Image Brewing
Odell Brewing Company
Odyssey Beerwerks
Our Mutual Friend Brewing
Peak to Peak Tap & Brew

Platt Park
Renegade Brewing Company
Snowy Mountain Brewery
Something Brewing
Speciation Artisan Ales
Station 26
Steamworks Brewing CO
Strange Craft Beer Company
Sycamore Brewing Company
Telluride Brewing Company
The Brew on Broadway (BoB)
The Lost Abbey
Tommyknocker Brewery
Two Brothers Brewing
Uber Brew
Upright Brewing
Upslope Brewing Co.
Vail Brewing Co.
Van Steenberge
Wibby Brewing
Wiley Roots Brewing Co.
Wonderland Brewing Company
Woods Boss Brewing Company
Zuni Street Brewing Co

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The 2018 Collaborations

300 Suns Brewing X Gemini Beer Co.

Alpine Dog Brewing Co. X Copper Kettle Brewing Co.

BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse X Redstone Meadery

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales X Jing-A Brewing Co.

Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales X Speciation Artisan Ales

Black Shirt Brewing Co. X Elevation Beer Co.

Bonfire Brewing X Invasive Species Brewing

Boulder Beer Co. X Bristol Brewing Co.

Bruz BeersX Briar Common Brewery + Eatery

Call to Arms Brewing Co. X Comrade Brewing Co. X Upslope Brewing Co.

Cannonball Creek Brewing Company X Melvin Brewing Co.

Carver Brewing Co. X Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co.

CB & Potts - Fort Collins X Equinox Brewing X CooperSmith’s Pub & Brewing

Cerberus Brewing Co. X Fossil Craft Beer Co. X Goat Patch Brewing Co. 

Chain Reaction Brewing Co. X Platt Park Brewing Co.

Guild Collaboration: Colorado Brewers Guild X Crooked Stave Artisan Project X Ohio Brewers Guild X Iowa Brewers Guild X New York Brewers Guild X Kentucky Guild of Brewers X Arizona Brewers Guild X Indiana Brewers Guild X Texas Brewers Guild X Oregon Brewers Guild X North Carolina Brewers Guild X Brewers Association
Colorado Plus Brewpub X 3 Freaks Brewery

Comrade Brewing Co. X Breakside Brewery

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project X Maui Brewing Co.

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project X Omnipollo

Crystal Springs Brewing Co. X Something Brewery 

Declaration Brewing Co. X Platt Park Brewing Co. X Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales X Chain Reaction Brewing Co. X Alternation Brewing Co. X Fermaentra

Declaration Brewing Co. X Launch Pad Brewery

Diebolt Brewing Co. X Invictus Brewing Co.

Summit County Collaboration: Dillon DAM Brewing X Angry James Brewing Co. X Broken Compass Brewing X The Bakers' Brewery X Pug Ryan's Brewery X Outer Range Brewing Co. X Breckenridge Distillery

Downhill Brewing Co. X Rockyard Brewing Co.

Eddyline Brewery X High Alpine Brewing Co.

El Rancho Brewing Co. X BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse Boulder

Epic Brewing Co. X Beachwood BBQ & Brewing

Epic Brewing Co. X Odell Brewing Co.

FATE Brewing Co. X Ladyface Ale Companie

FATE Brewing Co. X Vail Brewing Co.

Fermaentra X River Rat Brewery

Fiction Beer Co. X Strange Craft Beer Co.

Funkwerks X New Image Brewing Co.

Great Divide Brewing Co. X 4 Noses Brewing Co.

Great Divide Brewing Co. X Huss Brewing Co.

Grist Brewing Co. X Koala San Brew

Grossen Bart Brewery X Two Brothers Brewing 

Golden Collaboration: Holidaily Brewing Co. X Mountain Toad Brewing X Golden City Brewery X Barrels & Bottles Brewery X Cannonball Creek Brewing Co. X New Terrain Brewing Co.
Horse & Dragon Brewing Co. X Black Bottle Brewery

Horse & Dragon Brewing Co. X Ancestry Brewing

Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project X 105 West Brewing Company

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery X CO-Brew

Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery X Überbrew

Joyride Brewing Co. X Little Machine Beer

Joyride Brewing Co. X Snowy Mountain Brewery

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co. X The Lost Abbey

Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co. X Wiley Roots Brewing Co.

Little Machine Beer X Mason Ale Works

Living the Dream Brewing X Big Grove Brewery

Living the Dream Brewing X Hideaway Park Brewery

Locavore Beer Works X 38th State Brewing Co.

Lone Tree Brewing Co. X Cannonball Creek Brewing Co.

Lone Tree Brewing Co. X Sycamore Brewing Co.

Lost Highway Brewing X Brouwerij Van Steenberge
Mockery Brewing X Adroit Theory Brewing Co.

Mockery Brewing X Baere Brewing Co.

Moonlight Pizza & Brewpub X Caution Brewing Co.

New Belgium Brewing X Blackberry Farm Brewery

New Image Brewing X Dancing Gnome Brewery

New Image Brewing X Molly’s Spirits

Odd13 Brewing X River North Brewery

Odell Brewing Co. X Austin Beerworks

Odyssey Beerwerks X Banded Oak Brewing

Oskar Blues Brewery X Cigar City Brewing

Our Mutual Friend Brewing X Fort George Brewery + Public House

Our Mutual Friend Brewing X TRVE Brewing Co.

Peak to Peak Tap & Brew X The Brew on Broadway (BoB)

Periodic Brewing X Mother Trucker Brewery

Prost Brewing Co. X Goodcity Brewing Co. 

Ratio Beerworks X Ska Brewing Co.

Renegade Brewing Co. X La Brasseie du Baril

Resolute Brewing Co. X Resolution Brewing Co.

Resolute Brewing Co. X Spice Trade Brewing

Sanitas Brewing Co. X The Bakers’ Brewery

Schmaltz Brewing Company X Renegade Brewing Company

Seedstock Brewery X Diebolt Brewing Co.

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. aXnd Station 26 Brewing Co.

Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. X Stillwater Artisanal

Spangalang Brewery X Eppig Brewing

Steamworks Brewing Co. X Dry Dock Brewing Co.

Strange Craft Beer Co. X Freetail Brewing Co.

Strange Craft Beer Co. X Metro State University Brewing Program 

Telluride Brewing Co. X Marble Brewery

The Post Brewing Co. X Burns Family Artisan Ales

Tivoli Brewing Co. X Schoenramer Brewery X Atwater Brewing

Upslope Brewing Co. X Santa Fe Brewing Co.

Vail Brewing Co. X Lone Pine Brewing Co.

Verboten Brewing and Barrel Project X Grossen Bart Brewery

Lakewood Collaboration: WestFax Brewing Co. X Landlocked Ales and Green Mountain Beer Co. X Caution Brewing Co. X Great Frontier Brewing Co X Ironworks Brewery

Wibby Brewing X August Schell Brewing Co.

Wibby Brewing X Media 

Wibby Brewing X Station 26 Brewing Co.

Wild Woods Brewery X Very Nice Brewing Co.

Wonderland Brewing Co. X Gordon Biersch

Woods Boss Brewing Co. X Goldspot Brewing Co.

Tommyknocker 10,000th Collab: Woods Boss Brewing Co. X Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub X Golden City Brewery X Lariat Lodge X Westfax X Lefthand Brewing Co. X Broken Compass X Elevation Beer Co.

Wynkoop Brewing Co. X White Labs

Zuni St. Brewing Co. X Bonfire Brewing