To celebrate the 5th annual Collaboration Fest, we are employing the great people of the world to help us brew (hopefully) the LARGEST collaborative beer in history.

Each step of the brewing process will be a result of a public vote, open to anyone and everyone! We’ll start with grains, and end with names—that’s right, you even get to name it.

We rallied our friends at Little Machine Beer to help us make big decisions—like what to ask you, when to ask, and finally, to brew the dang thing! Each Wednesday, we’ll announce a new question to take us one step further to the People’s Beer. Then, we’ll have a brew day where we can drink beer and hang out, perhaps offering a helping hand!

We’ve been told saison means season in French, and if you ask us, it’s People’s Beer season, so the style seems just right! We are going to start with the basic concept of a saison beer with Colorado-grown and locally malted grain, and leave the rest to you! Happy brewing, folks!




1. You’ll be entered to win two Connoisseur tickets to Collaboration Fest!
2. You’ll be invited to the brew day at Little Machine where we can all hang out, learn a little about the brewing process, and drink some free beer



Question 1: Grains


VOTING IS CLOSED. Our winner is rye!

Little Machine Beer likes to keep things local, so the base grain of the beer is Colorado-grown and locally malted by Troubadour Malting. The People have spoken, and based on overwhelming polling results, rye was our front-runner for the accent grain! 


What effect will rye have on the people's beer?

Improved head retention and mouthfeel & a slight reddish hue!

Depending on Question 2, it could be used at a low inclusion rate giving some toffee and caramel notes or at a higher inclusion rate giving a spicy finish. The inclusion rate will be determined after you, the people, choose what tasty additions are going into your beer. 



Question 2: Tasty Additions

The People's Additions *
Now we get to start building on the additional flavor profiles of The People's Beer! With locally malted grains as our base and rye as the accent grain, which of the following tasty additions would you like to see in this beer?


Question 3: More Tasty Additions

Saisons are known for thier wide variation of flavors. We'll add more fun here depending on how question #2 turns out!

VOTING STARTS February 21st



Question 4: Name (Open Entry)

We've gotta name the damn thing. We'll ask for all your wild ideas (ex. Beery McBeerface) in this step!

VOTING STARTS February 28th



Question 5: Official Naming

We'll dig through the many suggestions and pick some front runners to vote on. Then we'll have a real saison!